“Letters” by CJS & friends [05/03/11 – 05/27/11]

Danielle Rue The young ones I love sometimes ask me about music from when I was growing up. My Feedback? MJ was everywhere in the same way Gaga is now. Prince ROCKED and still does. Hair bands had a few good songs, but really? Smoke and mirrors. For the perfect 3 minute love song from the 80s, explore the Cure. Glorious stuff! And here’s a good example, from my senior yr of HS.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven http://www.youtube.com Esta cancion de The Cure – Just Like Heaven

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Christopher Snyder I was leery & skeptical about The Cure, until I heard “Fascination Street,” which I still find a thrilling & awesomely-dark trip! (Of course, then again, I didn’t really “come unto the fold” with The Smiths until YOU showed me the light with that mix you made me in college, Danielle! So help me, I can’t imagine “Panic” will EVER cease to be relevant — for movies or books even, for that matter!)

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Danielle Rue Sweet Chris, the Smiths are one of those bands that hooks you in and never lets go. Last time I was in England (08) I was up in the Moors and thought it a Bronte trip, but my then partner’s mother suggested that I just wanted ‘to see where …Myra Hindley planted all those babies.’ I couldn’t get “Suffer little children” out of my head, which speaks to the power of Moz, or how sensitive I really am, or the horrid trip I took. The smiths were special…almost other-worldly. And certainly timeless.

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Christopher Snyder I haven’t heard that particular Smith song, though I DO think you’re right about them: like in the Sciences, certain things people “hit upon” in the Arts simply ENDURE just because . . . well, they’re USEFUL! For example: who, at times, HASN’T felt like they “know how Joan of Arc felt” after saying something awkward & regrettable? (c.f., “Bigmouth Strikes Again”)

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Danielle Rue Bright light; Brilliant Chris! Nail on the head.

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Blair Anundson wonders why there are so many social and financial rewards for breeding. First of all, most people can do it, so it’s not a special talent. Second, overpopulation of the human species is putting life on earth at risk. Third, every time someone has an excessive number of kids, you’re robbing my future two children of resources. It’s a generational mugging and nothing more. Sorry for the rant.

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Christopher Snyder Insecurity of their own life’s choices, and a need to “normalize” being “stuck at home” by perpetuating this socially, would be my call. Of course, this would encompass a whole spectrum of conscious-to-unconscious motivations, implicit-to-…explicit statements, and things endorsed by active decisions to things endoresed by default, but perpetuating a “herd” mentality helps “cover up” the error and regret of not more fully persuing life’s choices, and “settling down” at age 23 or 24 (say).

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Christopher Snyder BTW: Blair, don’t you mean “my future 2.1 kids”? (Statistically speaking, that is!)

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Rachel B. Glaser’s Photos – Barcelona 2011!

In this photo: Rachel B. Glaser (photos)

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Christopher Snyder This photo makes me believe in “awesomeness” again. I feel like saying, “You two are the CUTEST COUPLE EVER!” — and it doesn’t actually make me sick to my stomach to say that! Cheers!

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Mary Miller Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.

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Christopher Snyder I can hear you singing! Thanks so much!

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Christopher Snyder won a NEW copy of “Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.” by answering 1.2 questions right at tonight’s screening of the Pavement documentary “Slow Century” at the Hollywood Theater! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, AFTER ALL!

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Christopher Snyder wishes The Rapture wasn’t coming on his birthday. Bummer.

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Janna Israel Happy birthday!

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Christopher Snyder Thanks! You will ALL PERISH, but thanks anyway!

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Christopher Snyder Naw, they’ve suffered enough. Besides, it’ll mostly be folks who INSIST on walking into the hurricane, off the short end of the pier, etc — just to PROVE “it’s no big deal” — while the rest of us are like: “Uh, WHY would you even WANT to… ‘prove’ that . . . ?”


Oh — wait a minute — the date has passed, hasn’t it? Nothing HAPPENED . . . did it?

(again, in Roseanne Roseannadanna voice): “Never mind!”

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Christopher attended Rapture.

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Denise Miner Why am I arguing with a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christopher Snyder Habit, I presume . . .

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Blair Anundson wishes the American right had been as skeptical of George W. Bush’s Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” claim as they are of the idea that Osama bin Laden was killed while Obama is President. We could have saved around $788 billion and prevented the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis.

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Christopher Snyder But…then, Georgie-boy would have actually had to show up for work! (Bugliosi did the math; all-told, he was off White House grounds entirely, vacationing, for TWO YEARS — making him the only “one-and-a-half term” President that I know of!)

And, then, you know: they would have actually had to take Richard Clarke’s reports seriously! (Rather than regard “terrorism” as, you know: a “Democratic issue,” and simply NOT their priority!)

And then after what ensued (surprise, surprise! lookee here what happened!), what ON EARTH were poor Cheney & Rummy s’posed to do with their “Operation Scorpion” plan they had concocted some administrations past, jettisoned wisely (at the time) by the people in power who weren’t NECESSARILY looking for a “new enemy” to replace Russia in the wake of the Cold War ending?

Why, all that “work” (yuk yuk) would have been for nothing!

(“Play along,” folks! I’m sure there’s a “role” in this mess for ya, somewheres!)

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Christopher likes My Work Is Not Yet Done and Grab on to Me Tightly as if I Knew the Way. ——————————————————————————————————————-


Christopher likes Take the Cannoli and I Was Told There’d Be Cake ——————————————————————————————————————-

Blair AnundsonHave You Seen the Price of Gas?

secure2.convio.net Tell the Obama Administration to move clean cars into the fast lane by setting standards that cut global warming pollution from new vehicles by 6% per year and achieve an average fuel efficiency of 60 miles per gallon (mpg) in 2025.

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Christopher Snyder Wait: everyone’s read the Taibbi book, so we all know on the fact that the enormous gas-price increases in the mid-2000’s were due to OVERSPECULATION, and nothing LIKE a “shortage,” right? (Just so we’re clear, here; I read that shit, and I was like, “WHAAAT?!?”)

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Jessica Whitmore-Turner Unbelievably frustrated with the complete lack of forethought some of her superiors exhibit. Then they get away with it? I can’t stand it. It may sound corny, but “honor” IS one of our core values–does no one have it anymore?!

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Christopher Snyder “It becomes evident even to a young mind that often unacknowledged divisions in civilian life find clear and immediate expression in the military distinction between ‘officers’ and ‘men.’ One makes the amazing discovery that grown adults …walking around with college educations, wearing khaki and brass and charged with heavy-duty responsibilities, can in fact be idiots.” (from Thomas Pynchon’s “Introduction” in “Slow Learner: Early Stories”)

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Blair Anundson Amen.

GOP Assault on Truth: Why Do Conservatives Pretend They Know More About Science Than Scientists? | http://www.alternet.org

Who needs the careful application of the scientific method when congressmen with absolutely no scientific training are making decisions?

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Christopher Snyder Hmm . . . I never thought I’d hear you say “Amen,” Blair (“Can I get a ‘Hallelujah’?).

Seriously, though: for some time now I’ve had the sneaking suspicion that this is just some folks’ “opportunity” to prove they didn’t “deserve” that D+ th…ey got for Biology in 9th Grade. (“This’ll show you, Mr. Hardgrader! I DO SO know what I’m talking about!”)

Aside from the utterly-transparent FINANCIAL motivations, of course . . .

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Like Blair Anundson I think your theory is sound. As sound as the theory that this is all about money. And we should be “teaching the controversy” after all.

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Rachel B. Glaser Anyone live in Austin? In two weeks I’m reading on May 25th in Austin, TX with Amelia Gray, Colin Winnette, and more, as part of the Five Things Reading series at the Spider House Ballroom (formerly the United States Art Authority) 510 W. 29th St.) at 7:30pm

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Christopher Snyder I myself don’t (though I’ve wanted to live/visit there ever since I saw the film/read the accompanying-book “Slacker” in college), but, just as a reminder: not only does Mary Miller LIVE there, apparently she’s become especially adept at squashing mosquitoes as of late. (Thus, she’d be a good person to have around, even for incidental reasons!)

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Jessica Whitmore-Turner Feeling semi-overwhelmed. Would that just be “whelmed?”

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Christopher Snyder “Pseudo-whelmed”?

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Christopher Snyder “Whelm THIS!!!”

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Christopher Snyder “Scotty, take over the whelm for a little while. I’m feeling OVER-whelmed!” “Aye, aye, Captain!” (&c.)

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