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Friday, March 23rd, 2012

The Land-Speed Record for “Gall” Has Been Set Sorry to ruin your “Amateur Hour” fun, but … Obama got ELECTED [who’d a thunk it? An Afro-American feller?] ’cause the de-regulations that failed-in-life B-movie actor “let slide” while he “played” President for 8 years [’till his PSYCHE fell apart!] came to a “head” and all-but-tanked the GLOBAL — let alone AMERICAN — economy!

(And, uh, no: you can’t meet a “burden of proof” when there’s NO LAWS to convict these folks with … tragically-slash-ironically, if the I.R.A.’s & mortgages had been FAKE, that would have been FRAUD, but, instead, all we were left with was simple “ineptness,” which the star of “Bedtime for Bonzo” & former M.P.A.A. president had insured through his “laissez-faire”-ness …)

You awake, yet? (Try pushing for a FINANCIAL MALPRACTICE standard — as exists for not just MEDICINE, but LAW, too — and THAT’D keep those “sticky-fingers” financial types sweating [appropriately]!)

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Keep Our Flag from Having Only 49 Stars O.k., umm …

(1.) The unparalleled (LOOK IT UP!) economic growth the United States experienced during the LAST Dem. President’s administration [this, even DESPITE Newt “Grinch Who Stole Christmas”‘s pot-kettle-black witch-hunt] was REVERSED — that’s right, the deficit was TRIPLED — during the “Prescott Bush’s Grandson/Halliburton CEO” 8-year administration;

(2.) If you’re broke [i.e., not a “blue blood”], you’re a SUCKER, ’cause you’re doing the Rothchilds’, Bildeburgs’, Bushes’, Rockefellers’ (etc., etc.) work FOR them; and

(3.) could you PLEASE try and reduce every last little issue even FURTHER to utter “peccadillo” status — and, top of THAT, take it even MORE “personally”?

[I’d appreciate it if you’d make it even more laughably easy to “outclass” and “outpace” you, while your “anger” eats away at your psyche till there’s nothing (functional) left … THANKS!]

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Keep Our Flag from Having Only 49 Stars Cartoonist Mike (“Boiled Angel”) Diana was successfully prosecuted for “obscenity” charges in Florida — for a COMIC, mind you — in the mid-’90s.

(He had to wear an ankle bracelet, was prohibited from leaving his house [much] for a while,… and BARRED from CREATING!)

I am EQUALLY powerless, myself, to do anything — one way or another — about Rush (“to Judgement”) Limbaugh, so … like, what, are you even ASKING me?

(i.e., WATCH ME CARE!!!)

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