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Christopher Snyder
Not to be a ‘jerk’ about it, but ‘Christianity’ ceased to exist — except as anything but a laughable, futile, empty posture — once human babies got fed into ovens (w/the full collusion/consent of I.G. Farben, I.B.M., Prescott Bush/Holabir…d & Root, etc.).

IOW: I don’t ‘dislike’ these people; I KNOW their minds are SHIT!

P.S.: Merry Christmas, everybody! Enjoy the (doubtless) semi-Druidish ritual the Catholic Church added centuries ago to help speed conversion [since — as we NOW full well know — Rabbi Jesu bar Joseph was born in June/July or thereabouts]. But, yeah, this is sure is a swell time of year, and “Elf” is one of Will Ferrell’s best movies, ain’t it?

[Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself!”]

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Christopher Snyder
Actually, the “Truth” is — and there really IS such a thing — the guy who runs Fox News (and HAS, all along), Roger Ailes, is SO JUMPY himself that he has a phalanx of, like, eight (8) bodyguards accompany him each day to work from Connec…ticut (I think?) into N.Y.C., since he thinks al Qaeda could “get him”! [No lie, he’s PERSONALLY like this & has been radiating his paranoia through the “23 hrs. Op-Ed/1 hr. News” network he runs … he’s also been around the Rep. party a bit, such as it’s become, and worked for “Tricky Dick” Nixon back when HE was playing America … you can read all about it in a “Rolling Stone” article that came amout a few months ago! Whatta trip!]

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Christopher Snyder
Gary always tripped me out: on the drive to school & back every year (Albany, NY to Chicago), we’d pass it and … the SMELL was TERRIBLE! Plus there were, like, “Blade-Runner”-esque smokestacks issuing BLUE FLAME making up the city skyline … and this was on I-90! (I was like “What? Why does no-one talk about this? Isn’t this the Gary, Indiana from the ‘Gary, Indiana / Gary, Indiana’ song? What’s UP with this?”)

I couldn’t understand how anyone lived there; even with the windows up and the air-conditioning on [already a pretty picture, I know], there was this ever-present “chemical” smell in the car … it reminded me of what they did near Chernobyl, after the accident (signs reading: “Roll up your windows, turn off all ventilation, and drive as fast as your car can go for the next 60 or 70 miles” posted in Russian in the relevant vicinity, according to Spalding Gray, in one of his monologue — a situation neatly presaged by Don DeLillo in the post-“Airbone Toxic Event” part of his 1985 novel “White Noise,” for those keeping track!).

WTF??? I’ve never heard anyone even TALK about this, in ‘zines or underground press or any “aboveground” expose-esque piece of journalism … am I crazy, or something? (I mean — not to repeat myself, or nothing’ — but this was the “vantage point” from friggin’ I-90! People DO drive that, right …?)

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Christopher Snyder
Technically, it’s legal to be bare-breasted in Portland [and, for all I know, Oregon], provided it’s without a “sexually-stimulaing context” (or some such verbiage), which basically means: the whole social context surrounding the experiene/event would have to be pretty-well-defined & outside the repressed (e.g., Christian Right) and/or raving-nutcase (e.g., Dan Savage) culture we currently live in. As with none-too-few issues that come up nowadays, public breastfeeding — or, by extension, public bare breasts — becomes the “way too late” venue for all-too-many previously unresolved issues, from the personal THROUGH the political … I mean, what can I say? If boobies didn’t constitute “nudity,” there’d be no charge, no embarassment, no privacy, no sexual energy to be released, no personal “identity” issues wrapped up therein … it’s a fine line, y’know?

[BUT: No, in my view, that’s not grounds for firing, or other workplace trouble; there should be a place provided for that (which isn’t just a crappy, leaking storeroom either!) Everybody groaned once the ADA laws went through (“What? We have to put up RAMPS for HANDICAPPED people?”), but it got done!]

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Christopher Snyder
Well, once the “context” changes, so does the “purpose” (and, of course, the “meaning”) … including your own “right” to choose which! I mean, mine or any fella’s pecker is arguably for PEEING — or, what, JUST procreation? We get into weird areas here — close to endorsing the thinking of the “sex is only for procreation” peanut gallery — if we limit ourselves to one “usage” … the POINT is: YOU’RE the one who get to call when, how, and what-for … n’est-ce pas?

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Dear Kindergartner:

(1.) As soon as you said “us Portlanders,” you gave up the ghost; obviously, you’re only of those people who rest on OTHER’S PEOPLE’S laurels;
(2.) It’s spelled “rap” — sorry, but you didn’t order a vegan burrito from me, so I can’t exchange your purchase;
(3.) “Keep Austin Weird!” [from our sister-city, transposed here via a bumper-sticker campaign in line with current “meme warfare,” whether it was thought to be so, specifically, or not] was a slogan referring to off-beat, non-complacent, non-comformist originality of thought; saying “unfortunately” and “too many” — isolating your SELF from THEM THERE FOLKS (and, yes, the space after the possessive I put there is, in fact, deliberate) — means you’re going to have to avoid, say: cyberspace; Whole Foods; “No Country for Old Men”; Interpol (the band, not the international justice organization); and none-too-few-other things and start: shopping at Sears (exclusively); lose the ability to form opinions (provided you had ever DEVELOPED it to begin with — which, frankly, I doubt); and have to keep parroting “Portlanders, Portlanders!” like a deranged Macaw … which is simply a less-dishonest way of doing what it is that you’re (apparently) practiced at doing already!

VERDICT: You can have two (2) milks after naptime, instead of just one (1) … but only if you’re “good” (and, obviously, not “weird”) … and: only if you FIND SOMEONE TO GIVE THEM TO YOU!

(Best of “luck” to ya, there, feller!)


Christopher Snyder

“Why does any nation need to continue?” Check out Mexico, where the cartels have taken over as de facto police, in none-too-few-areas of that “understaffed” country. Or, check out Russia and/or China, which — in lieu of a “transition” policy out of “communism” (as “practiced” by Stalin & Mao Tse-Tung, of course) — currently has evolved into a multi-levelled, “tiered” blend of shadow-economy/organized-crime groups collaborating with — and providing lacking & needed “support” for — the government entities, with the lines between the two so blended & blurred it’s not always prudent and/or possible to even MAKE the distinction which is which. Or — need I say this? — check out the none-too-few countries where 400 PEOPLE SHARE THE SAME TOILET!

IOW: Your comment is made by virtue of being, like myself, a not-unfed American who’s free to indulge in such whimsy.

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  1. Which is why Heller’s Something Happened continues to render redundant all literature of bourgeois disenchantment, leaving only artfully shaped dissonant variations to fill commercial dead time during episodes of Game of Thrones or whatever “new” cleverly produced melodrama emanates from the digital screen.

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