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The Opposite Ends of the Ethical Spectrum for Entry-Level Jobs

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Nobody’d want this of course, but, I was thinking: what if somebody pressed a limited ed. 7″ single featuring the Pixies cover of the theme from the video Game “NARC” b/w the Autoclave cover of the theme from the video game “Paperboy“?

Because a “NARC” is — let’s face it — an utterly compromised job.  Even a CIA agent, an undercover cop, what-have-you, despite the directions they may or may not be “pointed” in, could certainly have an “honorable” function.

But a “NARC”?

No no no!

You’re a creep, let’s face it!  (It’s intrinsically built in the “job description” — even the conception of the position is already, *AHEM*, ethically compromised!)

And, of course, a paperboy — well, that’s the first step up from running a lemonade stand!  You get a regular paycheck!  It’s a bona-fide JOB, and all!

I KNOW, I KNOW: Who cares, right?

BUT: Try to stop “puzzling it out” in your head, after you’ve heard this!

Like: Anything else would be a “level above” a NARC or paperboy (i.e., managerial level) … or, be not as ethically compromised as a “NARC” … or, not be as ethically “unsullied” as a paperboy!
MORAL: I should probably get out more!
P.S.  The 7″ I proposed would take up all that wax just to have 1:50 of music on the “A” side and 1:03 on the “B” side …  but still!  Wouldn’t it be a great idea for someone to do for “Independent Record Store Day” NEXT year?

(I’ll even let you people use this “explanatory essay” to accompany it — just credit me as the author, is all I ask!)


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