“Statistics are for nerds. Hipsters rely on bold inference.” — I like that! Seriously, though: if I see another gaggle of young’uns trompin’ round this city with backpacks, tents & animals in tow without a copy of — or any clue ABOUT — “Adbusters,” I’m going to throw up. (Apparently, they’ve been coming in droves: just to … you know … well … I don’t either!) Ditto the smug, inappropriate laughter at horror/old movies, and the “Cell phone voice” conversation predominating at coffee shops, and the way (if the local press is to be believed) everyone “worries” about (not) being a “hipster” while, nonetheless, revealing an egregious lack of knowledge about ’90s-through-today indie rock and, instead, favoring classic rock/hair-metal and (YIKES!) ironically-played too-well-known-to-be-fun ’80s hits at too-many-places-to-mention … hello? Am I doing something wrong? I read “chickfactor” and I feel like I’m going to all the wrong places … I say this, not out of anything BUT gratitude for everything cultural, economic & politcal that’s “available” here (the indie movie theaters aren’t even more that 60 blocks apart, at most, for example), and also cheap and relatively well-informed … but: what the hell is going on? (Maybe we DESERVE a “wake-up” slag!) Thanks for letting me rant! Portland Out!


Katherine Hodges
February 25 at 7:54pm near Chicago, IL
Tonight while paying for my food purchase at Armitage-near-Kedzie Walgreens, using my new member rewards/discount card (finally broke down & got one for emergency purchase of cheap camera card yesterday), the man behind me asked if I wanted to use my card for HIS stuff (several bottles of cough syrup). ??? To earn more points? So he could get a discount?
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It’s weird, but it’s a “displaced” need to be “friendly” or helpful. I know this sounds harsh, but, it happens all the time in Portland (“Can I get the door for you?” “Why of course — don’t mind me at all!”, etc.). It takes a certain accrual of these experiences to discern it, but then, it becomes unnerving … (Like: “Why? Why are you avoiding/avoided, to be so mintuely ‘nice’ in THIS circumstance?”)


Jennifer Bounds
March 28 at 5:52am via mobile
I am still trying to figure out the big differences between Portland and Brooklyn. It’s been a long time since I have been there but I think you have better weather and a higher percentage of white people, we have more writers and a higher concentration of hedge fund managers (which means more grift).
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I heard that in Brooklyn, when you walk into a room, everyone looks at you like: “So … what do YOU do?” In Portland, it’s sort of the opposite: ambition, cranking out work product, keeping up with the latest, etc., is something you daren’t admit to, openly, for fear of being termed a “hipster” (PLUS: posuers & embarassingly-aging baby-boomers are to be “indulged.”) Julia Wertz, any thoughts on the matter?



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