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What is “homophobia”?

Friday, December 27th, 2013

To: swimrdie
From: Crabby McGrouchpants
Subj: Re:Your Amazon reviews
Date: 12/23/13

Sorry if it seems like “gay-themed” works are what I’m objecting to; if anything, William S. Burroughs’s homosexual episodes have helped my acquaint myself (further) with my own “junk,” and Samuel R. Delany’s visions of stable-but-fluid sexual identities have redounded to my sense of Iconic counter-positing … and, needless to say, I found Langston Hughes (whose “Ways of White Folks” I read in college) to be eye-opening in “OTHER” ways! (Yuk yuk — the class was called “Becoming the Other,” get it?)

See how the list narrows down to one (1), here?

No-one expected this “Penthouse” reader (yup — Xaviera Hollander, the “Happy Hooker”) to hold so much sway … but he does … and, clearly, he’s Anita Bryant’s worst nightmare! (i.e., “They just wanna FUCK … and CONVERT people to his way of life!”)

Unless he’s been doing (all along) a Stephen Colbert-esque parody of such a nightmare-person, I’ve been missing the point …

Crabby McG

P.S. Thanks for the kind words. Don’t know if I’ll get around to reviewing your vid. or not — my first commitment is to my writing, and my work Queue (which also, of course, has an “input” queue — I STILL haven’t gotten to the lastest Murkami or Palahniuk, yet!) — so I’m not making any promises!

P.P.S. For the record, here’s what I REALLY think about these nonsensical-gay posits (I concur with Pagan Kennedy’s take on these people):


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