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NOTE: Politico is a e-mail list, for Washington “insiders,” maintained by Mike Allen. Here’s some postings, on Facebook, that I made to the “outsider” version:
POLITICO added 3 new photos · April 4 at 12:53pm
George W. Bush’s portraits of world leaders will be displayed to the public for the first time at his presidential library and museum in Dallas.
See more of his paintings here:
(Photos courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum)
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Prescott Bush’s Rotting Corpse for President · April 4 at 2:09pm
That’s my boy! (Er, my boy’s boy. Whatever.) Knew he wasn’t built for “governin’ … ” ‘Bout time he found hisself a trade!
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POLITICO added 1 new photo · April 4 at 12:53pm
The third installment of What Works: Can Free College Save American Cities? Photo: Mark Peterson
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I Wish I Was Glenn Beck So I Could Hold My Head Under Water Until I Died. · April 4 at 2:14pm
Free College? That’s socialism. Therefore, it’s Stalinist Russia. Therefore it’s Totalitarianism … Holy crap! (READ MY NEXT BOOK: “The Underton Windon-downy Thing!” It … allll … makes … SENSE!)
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POLITICO · April 3 at 10:15pm
As he gears up for the opening of his first art exhibit, former President George W. Bush says he was initially “annoyed” when a hacker released images of some of his paintings online
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Icosadyadria · April 4 at 2:19pm
Less “annoyed” than when Bugliosi did the math, in his latest book, and came up with “two years’ vacation time” spent? (Sooo … yer old man didn’t GET two terms, and thus, we’re stuck with you & his old pals … and you TAKE OFF for a whole 1/2 term? Nice.) Don’t forget to be unrepentant for the whole Iraq fiasco — IMHO, every time you or Rummy or Cheney show yer faces in public, you got “WMD’s” and “al Qaeda ties” questions to answer. OR: Shut up. For good!
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POLITICO · April 3
From Bob Dole to Herman Cain, here’s a look at a few of the politicians to sit down with David Letterman, the longtime late-night host who announced that he will retire in 2015.
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Why Did Karl Rove Try to Cut Our Flag Down to 49 Stars? · April 4 at 2:20pm
“Stupid Politician Tricks.”
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POLITICO · April 3 at 6:55pm
After an Iraq War veteran took the lives of three other people at Fort Hood, President Barack Obama, Pentagon officials and others in Washington agreed more must be done to spot “insider threats” before they strike.
But what almost no one is saying: change gun laws.
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Nimp Chumpsky · April 4 at 2:26pm
KUBRICK: In addition, the serious threat remains that a psychotic figure somewhere in the modern command structure could start a war, or at the very least a limited exchange of nuclear weapons that could devastate wide areas and cause innumerable casualties. This, of course, was the theme of ‘Dr. Strangelove’; and I’m not entirely assured that somewhere in the Pentagon or Red army upper echelons there does not exist the real-life prototype of General Jack D. Ripper. ¶ PLAYBOY: Fail-safe strategists suggested that one way to obviate the danger that a screwball might spark a war would be to administer psychological-fitness tests to all key personnel in the nuclear command structure. Would that be an effective safeguard? ¶ KUBRICK: No, because any seriously deranged individual who rose high enough within the system would have to possess considerable self-discipline and be able to effectively mask his fixations. Such tests do already exist to a limited degree, but you’d really have to be pretty far gone to betray yourself in them, and the type of individual we’re discussing would have to be a highly controlled psychopathic personality not to have given himself away long ago.
—from an interview with Stanley Kubrick, originally published in 1968
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