Strangely Arousing.

“I would never want to film hard-core pornography, because it always looks like open-heart surgery to me.”
—John Waters, in Shock Value (1981)
from the imdb “Parent’s Guide/Content Advisory”:
Lust, Caution: A man and woman are shown having sex twice, the man’s buttocks are visible on the first scene.

A man forcefully takes off a woman’s clothes and has rough sex with her. Her butt is shown and the scene is bordering on S&M.

A woman wakes up, takes off the sheet of the bed, and walks to the window. She is fully nude; her breasts and butt are shown, and her pubic region is briefly visible when she walks by a mirror.

There are several sex scenes with a man and woman where they are in several positions with a lot of moaning and thrusting. The woman’s breasts, butt, and pubic region are shown in most of these. The man’s butt is shown, and once a brief view of his genital. These sex scenes last a while.


The Brown Bunny: The end of the movie contains a real blowjob scene. The character Daisy goes topless, bare breasts can be seen. She then gets on her knees, performing oral sex on the character Bud. This is not a simulated scene but an actual oral sex scene, where a real erect penis is shown clearly in the actress’ mouth for a substantial length of time as she sucks on it. He finishes in her mouth and she swallows. The scene is disturbing but it is meant to be an emotional and passionate scene between the two characters.

There are some other scenes, implicit of sex, but not overly explicit.


9 Songs: Sex is the theme of the film, and the sex is NOT simulated. The two “actors” are nude for about 90% of the film. Many explicitly pornographic sex scenes -male and female genitalia, full frontal/rear nudity, close-up graphic sexual acts, orgasms etc.

There are close up shots of a woman giving oral sex, including his visible orgasm. His erect penis fills the screen for a very prolonged scene. Close up shots of a man giving oral sex to a woman, with visible labia. During this scene, her breasts are also fully visible the entire time. The couple are shown thrusting on their bed in flashes during the concerts. A fully nude woman pornographically masturbates to orgasm. There is actual prolonged sexual close-up penetration vividly shown in several scenes. Prolonged periods of embracing in a dark bedroom and much graphic sexual activity. A woman is shown full frontal nudity while she gets out of bed and puts on panties. Her vagina fully visible. A woman gives a hand-job to a man and lots of real life semen shoots out and into her hand!

It has been described by some as simply a porno.


Diary of a Nymphomaniac: A man and woman are shown kissing passionately. The woman’s bare breasts are visible. The man enters his hand into woman’s panties. We can hear her moaning. Later they have sex.

A woman rides a man in bed, her bare breasts can be seen

A man is shown sucking a woman’s bare breast

A woman is implied to perform fellatio on a man

A woman is shown straddling a man, her bra and panties can be seen

A man is shown thrusting into a woman on a kitchen counter, his bare butt can be seen

A man is shown having sex with a woman from behind. Her bare breasts can be seen. The sides of their butts can also be seen

A man performs cunnilingus on a woman. Another boy in the next apartment watches her. She smiles at him. Her bare breasts are visible in the scene.

A man and woman are shown lying on the floor (implied post-coitus). When the man stands up, his penis can briefly be seen

A man and woman have sex in a bathtub. The woman’s bare breasts can be seen as she rides the man. The man is also shown to be fingering the woman

A man and woman are shown laying on the floor. The man goes and gets a bottle which he inserts into the woman’s vagina. Her bare breasts can be seen.

A woman’s robe becomes loose in the kitchen as she is eating, her breasts can be seen

A man and woman have sex. The man is shown thrusting on top of her. His pubic hair can be seen in some shots. As he stands up afterwards his penis and bare butt can be seen along with the woman’s bare breasts

A woman has sex with a stranger, the man is shown thrusting into her

A woman takes a shower, her bare breasts can be seen. She notices a boy in the apartment across from her staring. She smiles back and begins showering seductively, she washes her breasts and runs her hands down to her pubic region (no explicit nudity shown). She then closes the curtains.

A woman is shown wearing lingerie.

A man and woman have sex, the man is shown thrusting on top briefly, before rolling off her. The woman gets out of bed, her bare breasts, butt and pubic region can be seen. She then climbs back into bed, and the man removes the covers and climbs on top of her, as he does, his penis can be seen along with his bare butt. The man is shown thrusting into the woman as moaning can be heard

A woman is shown riding a man in bed, her bare breasts can be seen. After a while the man rolls over and is shown thrusting into the woman

A woman and man are shown laying in bed, the woman stands up and walks away, her naked breasts and butt can be seen, her pubic region can be seen when she walks back to the bed

A woman’s bare breasts and butt can be seen in bed

A woman straddles a man in bed, the man rolls her over and pulls up her dress revealing her bare breasts, he then proceeds to suck them (sex is implied)

A woman walks in on a man and another woman kissing. The man and woman continue kissing before they stop

A woman is shown masturbating, her hands are shown between her legs

Women are shown taking turns in sitting on a man’s lap, one woman stands behind the man and it’s implied that she touches her crotch with her hand

A woman enters a bathroom where a man is in the bathtub. The woman’s naked butt can be seen. It is implied she performs fellatio on the man underwater, the woman then climbs out the tub and her bare breasts and pubic region can be seen. The man spanks her butt.

A woman can be seen riding a man, her bare breasts can be seen. The couple then change to a spooning position, where the woman’s pubic region can be seen.

An older man is shown having sex with a woman from behind, he is shown spanking her

Quick montage sequence of a woman having sex with different men in different positions. Implied fellatio shown in the sequence along with the woman’s bare breasts, butt and pubic region

A woman kisses another woman.

A woman talks with another women about her previous life as a prostitute. She asks her if she had ever been spanked. Lots of sex toys are shown. One woman told tells another woman to keep one of her vibrators, the other woman takes it.

A woman is shown riding a man, her bare breasts can be seen

A man throws a woman on the floor, he spanks her and pulls her hair before proceeding to rape her from behind, no nudity is shown, possible implied anal penetration

A man pulls down his pants and then his underwear (no nudity shown) before climbing on top of a woman on bed, mild thrusting is shown implying sex

A woman in her panties stands in front of a mirror and begins masturbating, her breasts are shown but her hands cover her pubic region.


Red Road: Very explicit. Includes frontal male nudity and explicit sexual acts. The ‘frontal male nudity” is a side view of a faked erect penis which the man mostly hides in his hand. A clear view of the standing woman’s pubis is visible and details of her genitals are vaguely visible. The man perform cunnilingus upon the woman; his head can be seen between her legs but not much else is visible except for her pubic hair. The is a scene of coitus; while it is graphic, nothing more is seen but the man’s backside.
“An old cinematic god can hardly be expected to learn new tricks, and women’s bodies have often served Mr. Godard — and not only him, goodness knows — as convenient metaphors for the mysteries of nature and the forces that lie on the far side of language.”
—A.O. Scott, in The New York Times, on Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye to Language


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