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“It’s a miracle!”

Friday, February 6th, 2015

There is, in fact a movie that could never get made — that everybody’s (likely) seen.

I am talking , of course, about Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Stangelove.

What happened was, according to Terry Southern, the Studio, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the success of Lolita, of all things, was due to Peter Sellers appearing in multiple roles.

So they told Stanley Kubrick: Peter Sellers + multiple roles = “green light.”

When Kubrick (once production had started, and the Studio was doing everything it could to distance itself from the film) said they were treating it like it was “some kind of immaculate fucking conception,” he was, in some weird way, entirely correct.

THINK ABOUT IT: This movie, by all rights, could never get made.  Not now . . . not then . . . not in-between.

AND YET: Everybody’s seen it!


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