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The Stephanie Story.

Friday, April 24th, 2015

So Stephanie — my cousin — decides David’s girlfriend’s baby (from a previous “liason”) is “cute.”

David’s her cousin, dating her father’s girlfriend’s daughter.

(Got that?)

So she goes for the “hillbilly in-vitro method”: letting guys at bars take her home.

And . . . you know!

So she gets followed by, get this, the guy who is, apparently, the baby-to-be’s father!

But she wants nothing to do with him!

Turns out, anyway . . .

Not his baby!

It’s all good though: she’s working part-time, hangs out with her aunts (socially!), and her mom — get this — pays for some stuff!

Time for adulthood!

ENDNOTE: Kid seemed to be autistic, last time I went home for Christmas — not responding to outside stimuli, per se.

‘S what I understand is a “psychic retreat,” which comes about for reasons ranging from the nebulous (Who knows?) to you-don’t-wanna-know.

Shit’s not funny.

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