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Looks like 2600 didn’t want to print *this* one, either.

Monday, October 26th, 2015

from: Smiley McGrouchpants
date: Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 10:48 PM
subject: In re: Summer 2015 “Letters” debate
Child pornography constitutes documentations of actual acts committed. As Asia Argento, director and star of her own real-sex feature Scarlet Diva, once said in an interview, the point of watching porn is to have the awed “this really happened” experience on the part of the viewer.

Ergo, it’s a bit hard to stomach the filing away of the legitimately-worth considering sorts of distinctions into the intellectual dustbin (as happened in your Summer 2015 “Letters” section), along with the examples which have no ambiguity about them whatsoever.

IOW, not fantasy, but reality!

As far as it goes, entrapment is entrapment, as a fault perpetuated (when it does happen) by law enforcement officers.  Similarly, degrees of sentencing should be, in a sane society, debated as to proportion vis-à-vis other violent, damaging-to-others crimes.

If this is not, in fact, the case, however, one feels a little queasy about the “benefit of the doubt” being extended to consumers of something that is, quite frankly, ethically behind the pale.

Heaping additional scorn on offenders out of spite isn’t worth doing, and only feeds a blackness of the heart; that, too, should go without saying. But — in the opposite sense of the way the phrase is usually invoked — let’s just leave child porn enthusiasts be, okay?  Don’t over-extend sympathy, as if it’s the same as though they got caught with over-18 material (for whatever reason).

No, it’s not a minor issue. Files aren’t just files if their very existence is a crime.

Let’s leave that, at that!

Smiley McGrouchpants

P.S. Other than that, your journal’s irreplaceable. FWIW!

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