The Truth at last! And it comes from Hell.

“My first album was also released in 1977 and it was called ‘Blank Generation’ after the song on it of that title. That album and the things I was doing became classed as ‘punk’ along with a lot of other musicians and music that surfaced around then. Frankly though, I’d always felt that that album of mine, which I really see as consistent with the other things I was doing at the time … not to mention such things as the t-shirt I made which read ‘please kill me’ on the front, were all kind of failed in a signficiant way, even though they got a considerable amount of attention and even respect. I felt like they were failed because I never got any indication that they were received, were ‘read,’ were interpreted in the way they were intended. That the overall view I was trying to convey, the condition I was trying to express, wasn’t communicated. I remember an interview I did with one of the people most sympathetic to what I was doing and saying, Lester Bangs, and I spent the interview trying to elaborate, because he asked me to, on my take on things in song like ‘Blank Generation’ and ‘Love Comes in Spurts’ and ‘Who Says (It’s Good to be Alive)?’—song which he was crazy about, but about which he could only willfully half-hear what I was saying in defense of their messages of doubt and hopelessness because he thought there was something immoral in that hopelessness … I tried to explain to him, I wasn’t choosing doubt and suspicion and despair, I was taken there by reality. I wasn’t affirming that condition, I was just trying to see clearly.”—Richard Hell, on the subject of Bresson’s “The Devil, Probably”


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