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“This made me laugh out loud 7.8 times. The fraction was that I started to feel self-conscious and was getting looks at the coffee shop where I was reading. Like, what, laughter is more annoying than the damned coffee grinder?”—award-winning blogger & Pushcart-nominated short story author Wendy Wimmer, on “The PRIMA DONNA & THE CHAUFFEUR: A Love Story

“This reads like watching a dog chase its own tail, knowing it’ll never catch it, but admiring its persistence.  I found the characters, the dialog, and their journey so fresh that I didn’t need to know where they were going or what they were doing.  In fact, I didn’t *want* to know.  I think it’s brilliant.”—New Zealand’s pride & joy Sally Houtman, on “Surgery Without Anaethesia

“Made me laff, too, and I have no idea why…altho I suppose I could take it line by line — syllable by syllable, actually — and parse out the ironies, quasi-ironies, meme themes, obviousnesses, surprises, tempos, rests, verbal arpeggios, a-and…well, just the sheer unmitigated wordsmithery of it all. I wish I had the time…ah! I can bookmark it!”—Mathew Paust on “Excerpts from ‘SMILE, Leanna! YOU’RE GODDAMN WELL FUCKING WORTH IT!’

Gorilla Girl Adventures in Writing

BJC's blog about how living makes writing worthwhile

Museum of Mistakes

Ephemera ... experiments ... et cetera!

Counter Counter-Insurgency Convergence

Reed College, Portland OR. April 8th-10th


Culture of resistance against fascism!

Uncivilized Animals

"We are dreaming of a time when the land might give thanks for the people." -Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Portland Radicle

Sowing the Seeds of Liberation & Community

Carrie Russell

Some find inspiration in the wilderness. Others find themselves hopelessly lost.

Wendy Wimmer Dot Com

Writing. Banter. Toast making.

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